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Network Preferences Add-on Pas de redémarrage

Network Preferences add-on for Firefox for Android

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Google Search Link Fix for Mobile and Desktop Pas de redémarrage

Fix the Google Search result links.

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微信弹幕 Pas de redémarrage


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Advance Video Search Engine 3gp, mp4, flv, avi Pas de redémarrage

Advance Video Search Engine
Search Video With Sorting Option
Watch 100 Billion Video Live, Search Video, Playlist,
videos direct download 3gp, mp4 and more..

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Open Native App Pas de redémarrage

Open Play Store, Youtube and other links in their Android native apps!

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Tagu Pas de redémarrage

Detect Zawgyi and Unicode and include font embed. So, user no need to install zawgyi or unicode font to see Myanmar

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Faster Video Mobile Pas de redémarrage

Allows manipulation of the playback rate of HTML5 videos

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Integrated Porn Autocensor (Beta) Pas de redémarrage

Beta Version -
Penyensoran berdasarkan teks dan citra porno secara otomatis.

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Polskie Radio podcast download Pas de redémarrage

Obsługa wbudowanego playera, aktualizuj: https://addons.mozilla.org/pl/firefox/addon/podcast-polskieradio/versions/0.9

Dodaje opcję pobierania (link "Pobierz") podcastów ze stron Polskiego Radia http://polskieradio.pl/ do plików MP3/FLV na dysk.

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Home Changer Pas de redémarrage

Replace the default home page to your favorite website.

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Capital Koala Pas de redémarrage

Bouton d'aide à l'achat Capital Koala pour Mozilla Firefox

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DeepDyve Plugin Pas de redémarrage

DeepDyve Plugin for FireFox

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Parent Folder Pas de redémarrage

This extension provides an ALT-UP ARROW shortcut to view the parent folder of a site.

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BVB-Start Pas de redémarrage

Mit dieser Erweiterung aktivieren Sie BVB-Start als Startseite für den Browser und neue Tabs. Damit verpassen Sie keine schwarzgelben Neuigkeiten mehr!

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Office-Online Pas de redémarrage

A basic office online addon

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Mobile Image Blocker Pas de redémarrage

Blocks images from web pages on your mobile device

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Simple Form Fill Pas de redémarrage

Enter text into input fields by choosing items from the context menu. New items can be added by selecting text and choosing 'Add to Simple Form Fill' or by changing the add-ons' preferences.

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Site Searcher Pas de redémarrage

Adds a "Search this site" button to Firefox. When clicked, Google will be opened and search the website you are on.

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Stremio Pas de redémarrage

A browser plug-in for the popular media center Stremio. Look for the play button near video content listed on various web sites to launch Stremio instantly. For more information visit http://strem.io

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PompaTeam & Friends Pas de redémarrage

Rozszerzenie powiadamiające o aktywności PompaTeam & Friends

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