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Simple Form Fill Pas de redémarrage

Enter text into input fields by choosing items from the context menu. New items can be added by selecting text and choosing 'Add to Simple Form Fill' or by changing the add-ons' preferences.

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Desktop by Default Pas de redémarrage

Enables desktop mode by default.

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Skip adf.ly skip!! Pas de redémarrage

Add-on permette di saltare autonomamente la pubblicità di adf.ly.
L'add-on carica la pagina di adf.ly e passa diretamente al sito desiderato, senza aspettare tutti i 5 sec.
Con questo add-on MAI PIÙ attesa e pubblicità fastidiosa su adf.ly.

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pinterest-guest Pas de redémarrage

Allows to browse Pinterest without login/registration, removing the offending modal popup.
- unlock scrolling
- redirect to the categories from home page
- force show the search bar

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Canvas Defender Pas de redémarrage

Instead of completely blocking canvas fingerprinting, Canvas Defender add-on creates a unique and persistent noise that hides your real canvas fingerprint. This add-on protects you while browsing both in normal and private mode.

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Office-Online Pas de redémarrage

A basic office online addon

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Fixed Toolbar Pas de redémarrage

For those who hate auto-hiding toolbars.

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Twitch Chat overlayer Pas de redémarrage

Overlay twitch chat over the stream.

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Add To All Dropdown Pas de redémarrage

Selects the same value in all valid dropdowns (if possible) and clicks the chosen add or replace button in the same container ID.

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Wolfpack pro Gaming Pas de redémarrage

Enterate cuando habrá un nuevo directo

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Sci Hub it! Pas de redémarrage

Simple add-on to make it easier to use Sci-Hub.

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Amazon delivery check Addon Pas de redémarrage

This addon checks if Amazon delivers to your country, from the search page.

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Auto-reduce Tabs Pas de redémarrage

Close tabs before getting too many; Forcibly limits the number of tabs. You can change the limit.

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Weeazy - Screen-sharing Pas de redémarrage

Extensão para compartilhamento de tela no weeazy.com

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Current tab info to file Pas de redémarrage

Write information about current tab to file (title and url) so it could be used to add listeners and actions for it from OS.

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Warp World Cookie Book Pas de redémarrage

Provides numerous enhancements connected with Warp World

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Tabist Pas de redémarrage

Quick Tab Switcher

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ITSv2 Redesign Links Pas de redémarrage

An add-on for the assistance in the development of the ITSv2 website.

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Print Pas de redémarrage

Print the current page you see.

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Date Today Pas de redémarrage

The best clock to see in one glance the current day and time. With an option to see the digital clock in the browser toolbar.

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