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N'ko font package Pas de redémarrage

N'ko font for Firefox for Android. This add-on will install a N'ko font that enables proper rendering of N'ko script on all sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.), regardless of whether a font has been embedded into the web page.

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No More .org Pas de redémarrage

No More .org prevents Firefox from loading websites with .org in the URL. This add-on was made for testing in Firefox

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Open Link in Zombie Tab Pas de redémarrage

Add an option to open a link in a new tab without loading the page until you switch to the tab.

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detect all trackers Pas de redémarrage

Delete all trackers.

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Github Status Checker Pas de redémarrage

It shows an icon (green, yellow, red) in your addon bar depending on the github.com status (checked from https://status.github.com/), including last update datetime. Click it to open https://status.github.com/ in a new tab to see more details.

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StartHQ Pas de redémarrage

StartHQ is a launcher and new tab replacement.

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Kain Na Yi Plug-in Pas de redémarrage

Work as helper for changing Zawgyi to Unicode

For Support -- http://mmfontprefixr.blogspot.com

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Predicting pages1.1 Pas de redémarrage

Predicting web pages

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Total Title Pas de redémarrage

Tired of tiny titles? Now you can view the total title.

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Site Shaker Pas de redémarrage

Navigate websites by shaking your phone.

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PageInfo Viewer Pas de redémarrage

View document and media information

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Big Navigation Pas de redémarrage

Increases the navigation links on the pages

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Operator Mobile Pas de redémarrage

Leverage the power of microformats on your phone or tablet

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Flex Pas de redémarrage

Enables preferred supplier usage with discounts and data transfer for reporting and traveler safety.

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DivFind Pas de redémarrage

Search in all your search engines at the same time

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Diluted Search Pas de redémarrage

DilutedSearch enhances the internet search privacy. It hides actual google searches by mixing real searches with automatically generated searches. It also removes redirect in search results to prevent google search tracking.

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Tools for Amazon's Mechanical Turk Pas de redémarrage

Set of tools for Workers on Amazon's Mechanical Turk.

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Sinhala fonts package Pas de redémarrage

Sinhala script fallback fonts for Firefox (Android edition) this addon will install a set of Sinhala fonts that enables proper rendering of Sinahala script on all sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.).

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Console Pas de redémarrage

Adds an error console in the browser

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ReaderPlus Pas de redémarrage

Easily add articles to your reading list

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