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Purely awsome!

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it allows you to choose the way the browser works, bringing some comfort in your surfing. Isn't it enough?

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Perfect add on. Must have for Android users. Google and Facebook provide crappy pages for Firefox, including low resolution images. Just set Phony to emulate Android and voila! The magic is done. A huge thanks for the developers!

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It sucks. It used to work perfectly. maybe u updated because now when I use it in Facebook, it keeps loading wrong versions of pages (eg.. Tablet, when I selected Android or iphone). Useless now.

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Doesn't seem to be working on my Yoga Pro 13" tablet on stock ROM.
Used to be good.

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Now I can read websites comfortably!

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It works like a charm. I've been using it for several months and wouldn't want to have to part with it...

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The most basic required equipment for any browser. Should be built in.

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Does nothing at all, I am still required to "Request desktop site" every damn time I need to render the page in non-mobile form. What a shame as it appeared to be working initially, but that is not the case.

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Works great thank you

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I like it

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So far the best user agent switcher I've seen for Fennec, but...

It's sad, but even the most professional add-on developers for Firefox are most failing to port their add-ons to Android with same customizability - it's like they consider mobile as target for toys, not serious applications (the app developers are sick that way too - in case of Firefox one of the most baffling decision was, unlike most mobile browsers, to make bookmarking to not support subdirectories, let alone UI you sort them - useless toy of bookmarking).

NOTE! I'm not flaming your add-on, because you're plan seems not been building full variant of desktop Firefox useragent switcher add-on, in which you can download huge set of browsers useragents on different devices and OS. It's an xml file you can import, and have menu tree were you can select submenus like browser, OS, mobile, web spiders, etc to find what you want...
Also it lets you add submenus and browser entries on your own.

Implement that and I'll give you give stars... If you're not interested, I have collected a number of various Android (and Maemo) browser useragents - in case you'd like to use them...

Also, each entry should also show browser version, OS name and release, and device if relevant - even with just couple entries, some like to know what combination is such useragent from ;)
P.S. I hate it when lynx, most unusable of text-mode browsers - but best if you connect to gopher instead of web (http) server - is available, but no Links, Links 2 and especially not THE browser for text terminal, eLinks...

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Seconding the last comment.

Very useful! Please add a per-site feature and custom user agents! Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles

This addon is very very useful! It would be perfect if I can also add my own user agent strings as well as set the user agents on a per-site basis in addition to setting one for everything else.