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Enrico Previdi

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Pourquoi le module Home Links a-t-il été créé ?

The idea for the add-on "Home Links" came to my girlfriend, she told me: "I'd need something for quick access to some links".
The first name I had chosen was "Buttonify Links" but I thought it was too difficult to remember, so I decided to combine the idea of the button "home" with the use of multiple links.
This extension is for anyone who is used to open new tabs on predefined links, such as mailbox, search engine, news, etc.

Prochaine étape pour Home Links

I will add some useful features such as the possibility to save a title or icon for each link and something else.

À propos du développeur

Information développeur
Nom Enrico Previdi
Pays Italy, Verona
Profession IT Consultant
Utilisateur depuis December 5, 2009
Nombre de modules développés 3 modules
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Qui est Enrico Previdi ?

I'm an IT Consultant of Verona (Italy).