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In a little more detail...

I particularly like making the web a more personal and better place, through Stylish CSS userstyles and Greasemonkey JavaScript userscripts - and encourage others to jump in and share their talents. To that end, I wrote a detailed tutorial on a Greasemonkey page that hosts one of my userscripts - "Revert to Google's Old 2012-2015 Favicon". But my favorite mods are my 2 Black Google homepage Stylsh userstyles - the "Black Google by Panos - R. Schneider Mod (Large)" & ... "(Medium)" - because of my hatred for Google's new flat-design, non-serif, childish logo.

My Reviews

CacheViewer Fx21

CacheViewer Fx21 v1.0 does NOT work in Firefox 32 !!! Rated 1 out of 5 stars

I've used CacheViewer Fx21 for quite some time (and also the previous CacheViewer, which was abandoned) - and loved it. It worked beautifully, and I should have posted a review here - which would have included a 5-Star Rating. The review by "miniprint" posted 2/18/14 ("Not working with FF 26") was not what I experienced, since I began using it later - it worked perfectly for me through several Firefox versions, up until FF 32. However, it no longer works, as of the Firefox 32 version update. The notice right above the "Add to Firefox" button, "Compatible up to the latest version of Firefox," IS NO LONGER TRUE. As of the Firefox 32 update, CacheViewer Fx21 v1.0 has become totally non-functional. (The same thing happed to another add-on that accesses the Firefox Cache to work, "Element Properties v8" - it, too, immediately became non-functional when Firefox updated to Version 32. Firefox 32 made changes to its cache that broke at least these 2 add-ons. I emailed the "Element Properties" developer about it, and he provided a link to his Version 9 - not yet reviewed by Mozilla - which fixes, in his add-on, what FF 32 broke). However, CacheViewer Fx21 does not have a newer, unreviewed-by-Mozilla version available to try - yet - so until the developer of CacheViewer Fx21 updates this add-on, it remains unusable if you're running FF 32. I contacted this add-on's developer (via the "Support E-Mail" link on the Mozilla Add-On page), to see if a new version of this add-on is forthcoming to fix what FF broke. I also visited his website, which states he is "on hiatus". To date, there has been no reply to my e-mail from the developer, except an automated reply from the developer's website. I will amend my review if a fix is developed - hopefully giving it a 5-Star Rating, which was my opinion of CacheViewer Fx21 until FF 32 broke it. Meanwhile, I will try the other 2 cache viewers on Mozilla's add-ons website (CacheViewer and CacheViewer2), to see if either works with FF 32.

Element Properties

Developer Has New Version 9 that DOES work in Firefox 32 !!! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

After I wrote an earlier review about "Element Properties" Version 8 being non-functional in new Firefox version 32, I emailed the developer, who quickly got back to me with a link to his newest version (v9), which fixes what FF32 broke. (If the version listed on the main "Element Properties" add-on page is still "Version 8", it will NOT work in Firefox 32). I installed the newer "Element Properties Version 9", and it DOES work perfectly in Firefox 32. You can get the newest version 9 (not tested yet by Mozilla as of the time this was written), as follows: At the bottom of this page, click "Version Information", then at the bottom of the box that opens, click "See Complete Version History". When clicked, the Version History page that opens includes "Version 9", which the developer released August 29, 2014. Mouse over "Version 9" to cause the "Add to Firefox" button to appear, then click it to initiate download and install. If a warning notice that the add-on has not yet been reviewed by Mozilla appears, accept the warning and click to install. Presto, after a Firefox restart, "Element Properties" again works. (After Mozilla reviews and passes Version 9, the instructions to access the Version History page will no longer be necessary - at that time Version 9 will be listed at the top of the add-on's main page for one-click install).

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (8.1-signed).  This user has a previous review of this add-on.

Element Properties

Element Properties Previously Worked Great - But Does NOT Work in Firefox 32 Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Previously, Element Properties rated 5 Stars, as it worked perfectly to restore the right-click "Properties" link to view image dimensions, pixel sizes, file name, etc - much easier than using Firefox's built-in "View Image Info". But, as others are commenting, it STOPPED WORKING ENTIRELY when Firefox updated to version 32.0. Please developer, fix it if you can. Thank you for your efforts.
P.S. I agree with the 'pintassilgo' review that an animated GIF frame counter is a much desired feature. The number of GIF frames used to be listed in Firefox's "Properties", before they dumped it for "View Image Info". I greatly miss it.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (8.1-signed). 


Version 5.7.4 is Available & Works with FF 13.0.1 Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I have used UnMHT for years, and love it - especially the ability to save just a selection of the webpage. The latest version offered on the Mozilla Add-Ons site as this is written (5.7.0) is not the latest version offered by the author. Version 5.7.4 is working perfectly on Firefox 13.0.1 (see below - the .RDF must be modified). The updated version (5.7.4) is available on the author's website (www.unmht.org). That site was down for at least a month, but has been redesigned and has been up for about two weeks, as this is written. I don't know why the author hasn't updated the Mozilla Add-Ons site with the new version link.

NOTE: UnMHT version 5.7.4 is set by the author to be compatible with Firefox versions 1.0 to 12.0. Here's the procedure to update ANY Add-On to install in newer versions of Firefox than the author's last offered update:

* Download the .XPI installer file (right-click the installer link, then left-click and "Save Link As", or "Save Target As"), and choose your desktop as the Save-To destination.

* If you have an unzip utility (7-Zip, WinZIP, WinRAR, etc) with shell integration, right-click the downloaded installer, then select your unzip utility, then click "Open Archive", "View Archive Contents", or whatever your unzip utility offers. (IF your unzip utility doesn't offer right-click shell integration, open the utility, use it to navigate to the add-on installer .XPI, then open the .XPI with the unzip utility. (I use the excellent freeware, open-source, "7-Zip"; and installed it with shell integration).

* Once you can see the files inside the .XPI installer, double-click the "INSTALL.RDF" file, to open it in your text editor, such as Notepad (you might have to associate the .RDF file extension with Notepad, before you can open it).

* Do a text search in the .RDF with your text editor for "max" (without the quotes), to find the section which sets the Minimum and Maximum Firefox versions that the .XPI can be installed in. [In Notepad's menu bar > click "Edit" > click "Find" > type in "max" (without the quotes) > click "Find Next"]. MAKE SURE YOU ARE IN THE FIREFOX SECTION - the UnMHT add-on has separate min-max sections (<em:targetApplication>) for different browsers (Firefox, Prism, Fennec, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Flock, Netscape).

* Change the "maxVersion" string (example: <em:maxVersion>12.*</em:maxVersion>) to reflect a newer
upper range (example, with a little future-proofing: <em:maxVersion>15.*</em:maxVersion>). [This requires changing only one character in the file: "2" to "5", in the above example].

* In the 'future-proofing' example above, I have set the add-on to install into any version of Firefox up-to-and-including all versions (and subversions) of Firefox 15.

* Click the text editor menu > "File" > "Save" to effect your modification. The unzip utility may popup a dialog (7-Zip's dialog states: "File 'install.rdf' was modified. Do you want to update it in the archive?"). Click "OK" or "Yes" to complete the modification. Then exit the unzip utility.

* If you ever update an add-on this way and it DOESN'T work with your new version of Firefox, simply "Disable" the add-on in Add-Ons Manager; then wait for a compatible update to be offered by the author or other users.

R. Schneider

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (