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Elegant Scrollbar Cursors No Restart

Display helpful, informative cursors for scrollbars.

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30 users
Added February 27, 2015

Extra Format Buttons

Adds a font size (in pixels), strikethough, subscript and superscript buttons to Thunderbird's Compose Window.

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46 users
Added February 26, 2015

Toggle Folderpane View

This addon provides a toolbar button for toggling between the "All" and "Favorite" views in the folderpane.

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35 users
Added February 17, 2015



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116 users
Added February 11, 2015

Auto Zoomer

Keep a preset zoom level across thunderbird restarts.
Usefull on High DPI screens.

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42 users
Added February 9, 2015

Simple Week View

A simple week view for Lightning, as in the print layout.

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156 users
Added February 9, 2015

Innovativa Group

Assists to setup a chat account for Innovativa Group

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1 user
Added February 8, 2015

Lightning Reminder Left Buttons

Tired to mistakenly press that "Dismiss All" button? Move the Lightining Reminder "Snooze all for" and "Dismiss All" buttons to the LEFT!
... and from version 2.0 you can keep them on the RIGHT, but swapped!

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43 users
Added January 30, 2015

IT Next Consultant

Assists to setup a chat account for IT Next Consultant, LLC.

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1 user
Added January 28, 2015


Assists to setup a chat account for
Where developers come to talk.

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1 user
Added January 26, 2015

QuickFilter Watched Threads

Adds a filter to show only watched threads

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4 users
Added January 26, 2015 Now Playing No Restart

Show what I’m listening from

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5 users
Added January 25, 2015

P18X Protocol

Send SMS direct to SMSC by the standalone mobile broadband USB-based modems of the brand ZTE with P18X Web UI.

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1 user
Added January 25, 2015

Novacoin Antispam

Keep a correspondence with only the well off people.
For donate 4VgkLjNQHDcawXbvuTry3X4V2WEXP66vay

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1 user
Added January 13, 2015


Replace integrated password managers storage with zx2c4's pass (

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9 users
Added January 10, 2015


Easily and quickly to encrypt / decrypt
For users: private messages via e-mail, blogs, social networks, forums, etc.
For webmasters: websites, images, photos, etc.
Support: Firefox, Thunderbird and SeaMonkey

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893 users
Added January 2, 2015

e4ward Tab

Open a new tab and load

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3 users
Added December 23, 2014

Add-ons Button

Opens the Add-ons window to perform tasks on your installed Extensions, Themes, Plug-ins and Language packs.

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675 users
Added December 22, 2014


Report spam, false-positives or phishing back to your antispam provider.

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27 users
Added December 18, 2014

German Dictionary for Spelling

This is a German spelling dictionary, for finding spelling mistakes.
Select a text in German appearing on any web page and get a spelling check for it immediately!

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6,051 users
Added December 14, 2014