Woordenboek Nederlands Version History

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Version 3.0.0 569.0 KiB

New Dutch spellchecker with support for wordcompositions, based on the wordslist 2.0.0G from OpenTaal.

Version 2.2.0 975.0 KiB

New Dutch dictionary, based on the OpenTaal dictionary 1.10G.
This new dictionary contains about 32.000 extra words and has approx. 400 corrections.

Version 2.1.1 946.0 KiB

Version 2.1.0 946.0 KiB

Version 2.0.0 954.0 KiB

Version 1.0.5 729.0 KiB

Resolved a problem with Firefox not able to upgrade in

Version 1.0.4 729.0 KiB

Upgrade to Firefox 3.0a1, added Seamonkey and some minor textual changes.

Version 1.0.3 729.0 KiB

1.0.3 updated with the latest dictionary
1.0.2 upgraded for Firefox 2.0
1.0.1 added licenses
1.0 first release

Version 1.0.1 502.0 KiB