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Version 0.6.4 44.0 KiB Works with Thunderbird 3.1 - 30.*

Solved two important bugs:
- Thunderbird 8 introduces a new shortcut for Quick Filter Box, just the same was used by Unified Search Widget, disabling it. At this version the shortcut is restored to focus the Unified Search Widget again when is used it and not the Quick Filter Box.
- Use of DOM mutation events removed: just like was recommended by AMO editors (Kent James and Diego Casorran, thank you very much to both), the use of this kind of events was removed and replace it by others events without performance problems. This will enhanced general performance on Thunderbird with Unified Search installed.

Version 0.6.3 46.0 KiB Works with Thunderbird 3.1 - 9.*

  • Fixed the bug knew as: "Missing the auto-clear functionality that the Quickfilter box exhibits when you switch to a different folder -with persists button off-".
    Now this works fine, when you use Unified Search Widget to filter and open another folder, text and options in the widget will be resetted, just like standard Quickfilter does; if the persists button is on, of course, nothing is reset and filter is applied to the new opened folder.
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    Fixed a Thunderbird bug (filled at bugzilla like "Bug 582576") similar to previous issue: when you use the filter (standard Quick Filter) and then open a folder that is the 'root folder' or 'account folder', filter options are not cleared but filter is not applied looking de-synchronized. Unified Search 0.6.3 solves this and ensure this not happen in the Unified Search Widget.
  • Some minor issues that de-synchronized options between Quick Filter, Unified Search Widget and Global Search in some concrete cases.

Version 0.6.0 57.0 KiB Works with Thunderbird 3.1 - 8.*

Compatible with Thunderbird 5.0, small new requested features and bugfixes:
- Added a 'clear button' into the Unified Search Widget: very requested by users, previous version had already the ability to 'clear/reset' filter options and search text with the shortcut 'Esc+Esc' (Esc key pressed twice: first only text is cleared, second reset all filter options), now a button do the same -is more intuitive-.
- Added shortcut: when in Unified Search Widget, 'down arrow' key show the filter options popup and 'up arrow' hide it.
- Added shortcut: when in Unified Search Widget, 'Ctrl+T' move focus to the 'Thread Pane'; this means that the cursor go to the messages list allowing you select filtered messages with keyboard, just like press 'tab' button when in the standard quick filter box. For users of the great 'Nostalgy' addon, please use this shortcut when in Unified Search Widget, due a problem with the 'Nostalgy' shortcut that resets the filter (because it use the 'Esc' key).
- Added shortcut: use 'Ctrl+K' to switch the 'sticky pin' ('persists filter between folders' option).
- Bugfix: good integration with Personas addon, now the behavior is just the standard search box.
- Standard quick filter bar: the standard filter bar have not shortcuts to their filter options, now this are added (including when Unified Search Widget is not enabled).
- Know Bug: when both, standard quick filter bar and unified search options are opened, filter options shortcuts don't work (because use the same shortcuts and a conflict appear). Only one of them must be used at same time to avoid problems.

Version 0.5.0 46.0 KiB Works with Thunderbird 3.1 - 3.1.*

The major feature at this release is the new 'Unified Search Widget' that include 'almost all' the features of the 'Quick Filter Bar' in a more lightweight widget that use less vertical space and let you place it wherever you want. The widget let you do global search too, unifying the best of Thunderbird quick filtering and global search with autocomplete.
It's based on the idea posted at Bugzilla Bug 570815 "qfwidget", their mockups, and mixed with the 'Unified Search' idea posted at Bug 526221 and implemented at this extension.

Another changes at this release are:
- A new option called: "Remember filter options". By default, Thunderbird remember the filter options that you use in your last session; now, you can disable this behavior setting 'off' this new option, that apply both standard filter bar and the new widget.
- All the 'filter text-boxes' are synchronized when some filter is applied, to avoid confusions about what filter is being applied.
- Stronger initialize system, that avoid some type of strange errors of previous versions, and another minors bugfixes.