Rated 1 out of 5 stars

I use Thunderbird at home and at work and sintalled this add-on at home only to try it out some months ago.

Month later hadn't really found it useful in any noticeable way alas. That is, I didn't miss it at work where I didn't have it and didn't notice myself using anything it provided at home.

No slur upon the add-on, just that it doesn't provide anything I seem to need right now.

I give it a one star rating though because of one surreptitious change that bugged me for months now had me scratching my head and frustrated and annoyed until today I finally diagnosed it. Disabling this add-on removed the problem.

The problem I had is that at work (no add-oine) I type into the global search box and press Enter and Thunderbird searches. I would come home and engage this habit and find that when I pressed Enter Thunderbird would not do a search, instead open the selected message for display.

This may be afeature or a bug, what I do know is that it was a surreptitious change in behaviour that caused me considerable background annoyance for months before I sat down and tried to diagnose it seriously. And that was, well, annoying ;-).

So read the offerings of this add-on again and wondered why I tried it. Still do. As I'm happy with the two boxes (Global search and quick filter) and don't need all these fancy options.

It may serve your needs and if so, I'm sure it will do it well, just be awarer that pressing Enter in your Global search box will no longer search. It may have an option to enable that again.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.6.4). 

Hi Bernd,

I'm sorry the problem.

It sounds a bug, maybe in conflict with another extensions, because Unified Search was not created to do that (open first message on pressing Enter inside search box), and really don't happen to me.

The unique possibility to do that is being using the quick filter box, type something, 'press tab key' and then enter (with tab pressed, is normal that first message open, by thunderbird defaults).

It's really strange.

Let me one question: Did you use the Unified Search Widget -selecting it from the Customize window-, hidden the default Thunderbird boxes in the options? (is more usable than default boxes, use less space -than quick filter bar-, have shortcuts and both filtering and search from one place). Is using that where more of features of this extension can be used.

Of course, the extension is for that who use shortcuts, combined filtering and search very often; or who use a small screen, like in a netbook.

I'm sorry the problem, it's very unusual.
If you can provide some information, like version, system, other extensions used, or console error messages, maybe I can help you, if you are interested.

Thanks for the feedback,