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Very handly plugin. Found a little bug, but didn't find how to properly report it, so doing it here:Plugin does not search recipients in Sent folder, I changed one line and it works now:document.getElementById("qfb-qs-recipients").observes = "usb-qs-recipients";TOdocument.getElementById("qfb-qs-recipients").observes = "usb-qs-recipient";(removed s from usb-qs-recipients)TB 3.1.13, US 0.6.0, Windows 2000 SP4P.S. Sorry for newlines - apparently after editing system removes newlines :(

After uninstall/reinstall all seems to work fine. Yes, I upgraded recently FB to 3rd version and I was using Quick Folder before that.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.6.0). 

Hi Marrtings,

Thanks for the info and bugfix, but I was unable to reproduce the problem, and I check out the code in the 'unifiedsearch.xul' file, the toolbarbutton element ID is 'usb-qs-recipients', with 's', because of this in 'unifiedsearch.js' file I reference to this name (whit 's'; the another 'usb-qs-recipient' doesn't exists!); Please, can you check if in your 'unifiedsearch.xul' file the 'id' attribute have the value 'usb-qs-recipient' or 'usb-qs-recipients'? Can you (previous backup of your modified extension files) reinstall last version and confirm the bug? I did my checks after download and install last version in AMO, to avoid differences between my local copies and public copies.
Maybe, your problem yet exists but have different source, like an 'out-of-sync' between Unified Search widget and Quick Filter toolbar (like happen to the user tanstaafl_bh).

UPDATED: I'm glad to know your problem is solved.
I set up an account at github.com where host this extension with source control and a simply issues-tracker: https://github.com/IagoSRL/TBX-Unified-Search/issues, if you have more problems, please report it there or at my email iagosrl@gmail.com or twitter.com/iagosrl

Thanks for the feedback,