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This is an excellent extension. I couldn't browse the web without it. I often write in Russian, but the standard Russian keyboard is too complicated. This extension makes typing in Russian very easy.

There's only one problem since the move to Firefox 4: If i try to type ш (sh), ж (zh), ю (yu) or other letters that require two Latin characters in the search bar (Ctrl-F) or in the little search box at the top, the first letter appears, so i get сш, зж, ыю etc. This only happens in these boxes, not in the input boxes inside websites.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Amir, what platform do see these errors on? Windows/Mac/etc? It works for me on linux and winXP. I'll try to test on a mac and win7 but it would help if you give me more details. Please drop me an email. Thanks