Working version 3.82 + Suggestions Rated 4 out of 5 stars

tb 16.0 FIX = Download Thunderbrowse v3.82 by scrolling to bottom of page, expanding version-info, and then clicking "see all versions".

2 suggestions for the developer:
1) Enable option to open a new thunderBIRD tab... that has no message content, only thunderbrowse content. Currently, if you have multiple thunderbrowse tabs open, you CAN'T close the original message-tab.
2) Utilize the above method to have thunderBIRD tab A) open with 5 thunderBROWSE google tabs or such, then open a completely new thunderBIRD tab B) that has maybe 5 thunderBROWSE yahoo tabs open. This is just one suggestion to deal with a lack of multi-row tabbar and tab-groups... both of which expand tab-space in their own way.

As to suggestion #1... it is true that if you select "left-click opens in current tab" under options, you can use this feature in conjunction with Thunderbirds "open messsage in new tab" feature to simulate this the idea of having a ThunderBIRD tab open with no message-content. But you can see that the tab-title remains, and when clicking on another Tbird tab and then back on the "trick" tab, it will auto-reload the message content. So I feel that a fix or modification for this suggestion shouldn't be too hard to implement as it can already be approximated. Thanks developer.

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