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Excellent initiative, thanks a lot :)

As you're asking kindly, here is what I'd like to see as future features :

- adapt Syphon for other Mozilla-based products, like Songbird and Thunderbird
- ability to store a config on a FTP server of one's choice, under an FTP account
- ability to manage several configs with one account (by assigning a name and a short description to a each stored configuration)
- when uploading a config, being able to select which extensions should be uploaded (all/only activated/detailed list)
- synchro of activated/deactivated status a config would then be a list of extensions together with their activation status (already in your plans, that is good)
- ability to distribute a config on mine's publicly, to allow friends to install a package of extension in one single step using Siphon and the right URL pointing to the desired config
- management of versions (I haven't checked how a more recent version of an extension in a stored config would sync with my older installed version)

Thanks again

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.5.0).