Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Another vote for signature above the reply. Not much use to me with the signature right down the bottom.
I realise this makes me belligerent and idiotic. I also realise add-on devs have no obligations to their users. So be it. Still doesn't do what a useful signature add-on should do.

Edit in response to yet another intemperate reply from the developer:

Hi Achim. My name's Peter Hollo. My point in adding this review was twofold. Firstly, to inform you, the developer, that another user needs this feature. Second was for the pure amusement value of seeing your response to another low star rating. You see, it's pretty bizarre - you clearly care about how your add-on is rated. And yet everyone who writes requesting this really important feature of your otherwise nice extension gets a personalized torrent of sarcastic abuse.

I guess I just wanted my own personalized torrent of abuse. Thanks for providing :)

By the way, I've changed my rating to properly reflect your "customer service". Cheers.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.6.9). 


First of all... thanks for your comment, Mr. "frogworth" (or whatever your real name may be).

So... what exactly is your point after all?
What's the motivation behind your comment?

You're obviously aware that many usere before you addressed this "issue" or "missing feature".
And you also seem to know that all this already has received my attention.

Do you really think that giving my add-on a low rating will change the situation and encourage me to "improve" things?
Or do you just want to "warn" other users and tell them that it didn't do the job for YOU as an individual?

And as for the first sentence you wrote: "Another vote for signature above the reply."
Complaining about the same things again and again PLUS downgrading someone's work has nothing to do with "voting" as far as I understand.