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Version 2.5 204.9 KB Works with SeaMonkey 2.0 and later, Thunderbird 9.0 and later

  • (Thunderbird only) Added 2 new search methods: search target folder and search conditions
    (only text conditions such as Addresses or body, subject line) are affected
  • [Bug 25727] Allow to create Group Filter with "Create Filter from Message" menu
  • you can now cut / paste in the same account in order to move filters to a different position.
    Click on the filter where you want to insert the items.
  • Prompt for adding a customized subject to support email
  • Right-clicking on quickFilters button opens options

New Options
  • Added UI switches to support Postbox's quickmove feature
  • Switch for disabling Tag listener
  • Option to disable two-way addressing
  • Added a link for download / installing "Copy Sent to Current"

Version 2.4 192.7 KB Works with SeaMonkey 2.0 and later, Thunderbird 9.0 and later

  • Fixed [Bug 25686] Cloning Filters fails with Non-String condition attributes. If a filter condition compares with read status or another non-string attribute (e.g. date, number of age in days etc.) the Clone will silently fail.
  • Added support for creating filters from virtual (saved search) folders
  • [FR 25691] Support for Postbox quickmove feature - also support the filter assistant when moving mail to a folder using the shortcut key [v]
  • Mostly fixed: [Bug 25688] Creating Filter on IMAP fails after 7 attempts - caused by missing msgDatbase on target folder. This will now only happen in Postbox, if the target folder is on a different IMAP account than the folder we move the email from. It should not be generated when you move the email to a different folder in the same account or to a local folder.
  • Postbox: [Fixed] Most Support Site links did not work.
  • Postbox: [Fixed] gFolderDisplay doesn't exist so selectedMessages could not be determined (Message > quickFilter: define Filter from message)
  • Postbox: [Fixed] Broken styling in Options dialog (Support links + Donate button) due to legacy display menu. Added legacy styles for Postbox.

Version 2.3 184.5 KB Works with SeaMonkey 2.0 and later, Thunderbird 9.0 and later

  • Default "Target Folder" action to active when using context menu (create filter from message)
  • Added help buttons to filter list and filter assistant
  • Improved merging of filters
  • Bugfix: Postbox does not implement nsMsgFolderFlags

Version 2.2 181.6 KB Works with SeaMonkey 2.0 and later, Thunderbird 9.0 and later

  • Implemented [FR 25668] - Allow "move to folder action" to be disabled. Automatically switches off "move to folder" in
    Inbox, Drafts, SentMail, Newsgroup, Queue, Templates.
  • Implemented [FR 25669] - Added a listener for adding Tags (keywords) to a Mail
  • Added an option to disable donation page after update. To disable, simply right-click the orange donation button on the bottom right of the preferences dialog.
    A confirmation message will ask whether the donation page shall be disabled.

Version 2.1 177.5 KB Works with SeaMonkey 2.0 and later, Thunderbird 9.0 and later

  • [FR 25627] - new Filter template: Group of People (add email-adresses from multiple mails)
  • [FR 25582] - Allow cloning Filters within the same Mail Account
  • improved function that copies filter conditions - copies used to be dependant on their originals
  • widened template list to avoid filter titles being cut off
  • Made debug options window (displayed when you right-click the debug checkbox) search box readonly to avoid accidentally changing unrelated settings.
  • fixed a problem in onCloseNotification - Postbox had trouble removing the sliding notification

Version 2.0 169.1 KB Works with SeaMonkey 2.0 and later, Thunderbird 9.0 and later

  • Added a toolbar which shows the quickFilters commands: Copy, Cut, Paste, Merge, Start Assistant, and settings.
  • Added Postbox compatibility (still experimental)
  • Improved integration with QuickFolders
  • Compatibility change for Tb 24 / Sm2.17 (nsIMsgAccountManager.accounts changed from nsIMutableArray to nsIArray)
  • Added donate button to settings dialog

Version 1.8 152.6 KB Works with SeaMonkey 2.0 and later, Thunderbird 9.0 and later

  • french locale completed [thanks to Jojaba - BabelZilla]
  • [FR 25440] Added Cut, Copy and Paste to transfer filters between accounts. <br/>
    note: the target folders of filters are currently not changed, improvements around this are planned in a future release.
  • [Bug 25389] merging filters throws NS_ERROR_FAILURE - this can happen if there is an invalid action in a filter, please check debug log for more information
  • [FR 15388] Added "run Filters" command to folder tree menu
  • guards against not selecting enough filters before using the "Merge" command
  • some debugging improvements during createFilter

Version 1.7 141.6 KB Works with SeaMonkey 2.0 and later, Thunderbird 9.0 and later

  • [FR 25199] "Add Rules to existing filters". If a filter already exists in the account that does the same action (move to same folder, add a certain tag or set a certain priority) this will be detected and the conditions from the new mail can be added to the existing filter.
  • Existing filters with same action can now be merged together
  • Styling QuickFolders filter wizard icons with that of quickFilters assistant
  • Fixed [Bug 25362] If assistant button is removed from toolbar, starting filter assistant throws "TypeError: doc.getElementById(...) is null"

Version 1.6.1 132.1 KB Works with SeaMonkey 2.0 and later, Thunderbird 9.0 and later

  • [FR 24888] "Create Filters for messages that have already been moved" in context and message menu
  • additional filter actions: Copy tags, priority and star (flag in SeaMonkey)

    note: when selected, these will be copied independently of the used template.
  • improved version comparison algorithm to avoid too many version history / donation tabs when working on prereleases
  • Added sv-SE locale by Lakrits
  • Changed defaults for naming rules: now the parent folder is prepended rather than appending the keyword by default
  • [FR 25321] Option to start Filter Assistant automatically<br/>
  • Fixed size for large icon mode
  • Improved contrast of filter activation icon

Version 1.5.1 121.6 KB Works with SeaMonkey 2.0 and later, Thunderbird 9.0 and later

  • Fixed [Bug 25203] "Error when adding a filter if Message Filters window is already open"
  • [Bug 25204] Added Enhancement: "Allow location-aware dragging from within virtual folder" - it is now possible to create a new filter when dragging an email from a saved search folder or from the unified Inbox / unified Sent folders.
    <br>To get the same functionality in QuickFolders (when dropping mail onto a QuickFolder tab), please also install its latest version (QuickFolders 3.8.2.)

Version 1.4 120.8 KB Works with SeaMonkey 2.0 and later, Thunderbird 9.0 and later

  • show homepage on first installation
  • auto-install of toolbar button
  • added a toolbar button for running filters on message folder
  • fixed height issues on the assistant notification box
  • added french locale (thanks to jojoba from Babelzilla)
  • added simplified chinese locale (thanks to Loviny - WIP)
  • fixed support buttons: removed hrefs from text links on last options tab

Version 1.3 107.5 KB Works with SeaMonkey 2.0 and later, Thunderbird 9.0 and later

  • first application for full review (112 users)
  • added filter name rule settings: [x] parent folder's name, [x] 1st filter condition
  • added SeaMonkey support (postbox still outstanding as I am awaiting a reply from their development team)
  • converted preferences dialog into a tabbed one
  • fixed broken version history link when right clicking the version number on the options dialog

Version 1.2 105.5 KB Works with Thunderbird 9.0 and later

  • Fixed errors that were introduced by last version (which broke To Top, To Bottom and the automatic Search features in the filter list dialog)
  • added more specific names to the filters
  • support for multiple cc evaluation in list template
  • clarification on notification
  • fixed some integration errors with QuickFolders and prepared for changes in the upcoming version (3.5.1)

Version 1.0 104.4 KB Works with Thunderbird 9.0 and later

  • added first-run code with version check
  • adds buttons automatically on first install