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Can you add a choice to randomly change scroll bars on new tabs too? It will definitely be great if you can, thanks for your efforts!

I tried the test build (scrollbars_test.xpi), and you are right, it's very unstable as it did work, but changes colors within the page when I scroll up or down, and it also removed my customized bar, when I removed it, the bar re-appeared, so I will stick with this version until that new one is stable enough, again thank you for your reply and efforts.

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Such an option would be possible.I've included this feature for testing purposes into the linked test build.


ATM it is part of the already existing 'random' option, so give it a try, while the random option is enabled. On some websites this scrollbars feature is not very "stable" and can cause glitches.

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The perfect companion for the Noia 4 theme, thank you for a wonderful creative job on both.

I went ahead and installed it on Firefox 16 as you recommended on the Noia 4 theme feedback reply and it works but I can only change the scroll bars manually, it doesn't randomly change them even when it's marked to do so, any idea on how to work around this?


Never mind, it started randomizing on restart, and new sessions.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

The randomize option is only for _predefined_ scrollbars and I wanted you to ask, if you already tried a restart, but since you already found out (->update) have fun. ;-)