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Version 2.11.0 456.8 kB Works with Firefox 11.0 and later, Thunderbird 6.0 and later

  • Added ability to de-render after saving. After you render and save an email draft or an Evernote Note or a Google Group post or a Blogger post (or etc.), you can go back, edit it, and de-render it back to Markdown.
  • Added a partial Korean translation, thanks to dotvezz.
    • Do you speak something in addition to English? At least half of all Markdown Here users are not English, but Japanese is the only complete translation we have. It's easy to help with translations -- just try out the Crowdin project for Markdown Here. Thanks!
  • Added ability to disable GFM line breaks.
  • Fixed bug #51: Links with URL text (like []( weren't rendering properly.
  • Altered default H1 and H2 header styles to match new GitHub styling. You'll have to click "Reset to Default" to get these styles.
  • Fixed bug #173: Markdown Here was generating lots of errors in the console on sites with an iframe that use tight security (like Thanks to Devin Weaver.

Version 2.10.0 396.7 kB Works with Firefox 11.0 and later, Thunderbird 6.0 and later

  • Markdown Here has been translated into Japanese! It's also ready to be translated into your language, so please take a look at and our Crowdin project. Getting involved is super easy.
  • The automatic addition of anchors to headings is now an option and disabled by default. Guido Hoermann quite rightly pointed out that it creates annoying visual noise in Thunderbird. It's probably not used enough to justify being enabled by default, and it's very easy to re-enable it (bottom of the options page).
  • The "forgot-to-render" check that was added in version 2.9.2 is now enabled by default. As always, please file a bug or otherwise report if you have any problems or suggestions for improvement.
  • Markdown Here now works with older versions of Chrome and Chromium. (Tested on version 24 and 25, which didn't work before but do now.)
    • Thanks to Dustin Engstrom for providing the fix for this (and for submitting the first MDH code pull request!). Thanks to Adam Kruger for reporting the problem.
  • Fixed bug: In Chrome, options page link in upgrade notification was no longer working.

Version 2.9.4 396.1 kB Works with Firefox 11.0 and later, Thunderbird 6.0 and later

  • Updated Highglight.js, which is the syntax highlighting library used by Markdown Here.
    • New languages: Handlebars templates, Oracle Rules, F#, AsciiDoc, Lasso, SCSS, VB.NET, Mizar.
    • New themes: Docco, Foundation, Mono Blue, Monokai Sublime, Obsidian, Railscasts.
    • And lots of theme and language improvements.
    • This resolves MDH issues #59 and #114. Thanks to Alex Pacini and Robert Jeppesen for reporting them.
    • Make no mistake, all credit for this goes to Ivan Sagalaev and the Hightlight.js contributors.
  • Added some debug logging to help diagnose issue #141. (And maybe fixed that issue, but probably not.)

Version 2.9.3 379.8 kB Works with Firefox 11.0 and later, Thunderbird 6.0 and later

  • New feature: Added support for smart arrows. Here's how to use them:
    • <--
    • -->
    • <-->
    • <==
    • ==>
    • <==>
  • Fixed bug: Options were broken in Safari 7 (the Mavericks version).
  • Fixed bug: In Thunderbird (mostly), raw HTML was not rendering properly. This is caused another bug: using angular brackets makes contents invisible.

Version 2.9.2 379.4 kB Works with Firefox 11.0 and later, Thunderbird 6.0 and later

  • Feature/fix: You may have found out the hard way that if you render, then make changes, and then unrender, you lose the changes. Now Markdown Here will warn you when unrendering will cause you to lose changes, and give you the choice of proceeding or not.
    • Due to JavaScript support differences, this feature is not supported in Postbox or Safari 5 (but it is supported in Safari 6+).
    • Thanks to jakov for originally requesting this change, and to jdhines and lihlii for also reporting/requesting it.
  • Fixed bug, for real this time: In Chrome, for some users, the Markdown Here upgrade notification would show up every time they opened Chrome.
    • Thanks again to Chris/jhwarehouse for reporting the bug still existed and helping to sort it out.
  • Fixed bug: Raw Markdown in rendered code blocks is detected by forgot-to-render check.
    • Thanks to Menno Smits for reporting the bug and helping to investigate.
  • Fixed bug: In Thunderbird, the new forgot-to-render check was incorrecting triggering on rendered links and headers.

Version 2.9.0 377.7 kB Works with Firefox 11.0 and later, Thunderbird 6.0 and later

  • New feature: Forgot-to-render detection. Have you ever forgotten to make your Markdown pretty before sending your email? Me too. Now Markdown Here will detect when your email contains raw Markdown and will give you second chance to go back and render it before sending.
    • This feature is supported in Thunderbird (and Postbox), and for Gmail in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. (Pull requests welcome for Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.)
    • For now this feature is off by default because I'm nervous about too many false positives driving people crazy. But please opt in! The checkbox to enable it is at the bottom of the MDH Options page. And please give feedback on how the feature does or doesn't work for you, either in the Github issue or the MDH Google Group.
    • Thanks to Petr Pudlák for requesting this in issue #90, Zhou Qiang in issue #96, Adam Backstrom in issue #98.
  • Compatibility improvements!
    • Now works great with Blogger (details).
      • The changes made will probably help with some other sites. If you tried out a site before and ended up with empty lines in your code blocks, try it again.
      • See the Compatibility wiki page for details.
      • Thanks to lambdaalice for reporting the previous bad behaviour in issue #89.
    • Now works very well with Wordpress (details).
    • See the Compatibility wiki page for even more places where Markdown Here works, like Google Sites and Facebook Notes.
  • New feature: Automatic anchors for headers. This makes it much easier to put a table of contents (or other intra-page links) inside your email or blog post. Just use the text of your header as the anchor link text. For example:
    [See below](#Deep-Dive Details Section) for details.
    Deep-Dive Details Section
    • Thanks to Casey Watts for requesting this and giving insight on how to do it. Closes issue #93.
  • Chrome and Firefox: Options page no longer opens when Markdown Here updates. Now there's a little notification in the corner of the window that can be clicked to show the MDH Options page (and the changes in the release), or dismissed.
  • Added the ability to set site-specific styles. To see an example of how to do this, either reset your Primary Styling CSS or take a look at the source for it.
  • Fixed bug: Math: single-character formula won't render.
  • Fixed bug: [a](b) links shouldn't expand inside of a code block.
  • Fixed bug: "Smart" quotations and apostrophes would sometimes get confused and curl the wrong way.
  • Fixed bug: Shouldn't require blank line before list.

Version 2.8.1 530.4 kB Works with Firefox 11.0 and later, Thunderbird 6.0 and later

PLEASE NOTE: If you've never customized your CSS, you should click the "Reset to Default" button for the "Primary Styling CSS". This will fix a bug (see below) and maybe give you better styling (if you installed MDH before version 2.7.0, Feb. 2013). If you have customized your CSS, you can take a look at the changes to the default CSS and decide what to take. A more elegant way of handling this is being planned.
  • The designer/artist of the Markdown Here logo has her own website up. You should check it out!
  • Fixed bug: Pre-formatted links break Markdown links.
    • Thanks to users Mitchell W. and crdx for reporting this bug.
  • Fixed bug: MD links should automatically add schema.
  • Fixed bug: Firefox/Thunderbird: Code blocks with horizontal scroll would have bad background colour.
    • Thanks to user Hans B. for reporting this bug.
    • Note that to get this bug fix, you either need to reset your "Primary Styling CSS" to default, or manually apply the fix.
  • Fixed bug: Inline code line breaks are lost.
    • Thanks to user CheechGe for reporting this bug.
  • Fixed bug: Sometimes options page MD preview doesn't initially render.

Version 2.8.0 535.1 kB Works with Firefox 11.0 and later, Thunderbird 6.0 and later

Version 2.7.3 341.5 kB Works with Firefox 11.0 and later, Thunderbird 6.0 and later

  • Fixed Firefox+Linux bug (#56): Toolbar button icon was not displaying correctly.
  • Fixed Firefox bug: Toolbar button would not stay removed when browser was restarted.
  • Added support for Icedove (Debian version of Thunderbird).

Version 2.7.2 338.1 kB Works with Firefox 11.0 and later, Thunderbird 6.0 and later

  • Pre-formatted links will now be retained. If you use your email editor's formatting controls to create a link, it will be retained when you toggle the Markdown Here rendering state.
  • Firefox/Thunderbird: Fixed bug; Resetting the primary stying CSS wasn't working.

Version 2.7.0 257.6 kB Works with Firefox 11.0 and later, Thunderbird 6.0 and later

  • Markdown Here has a new logo! A big thank you to the talented Tatiana A. Fryntoff for creating our shiny new logo.
  • Support for new Markdown features. All credit goes to chjj, the maintainer of the Marked library.
    • Tables! Now you can easily add tables to your email with Markdown. If you're not familiar with the syntax, check out the wiki cheatsheet. This closes issue #13.
    • Strikethrough: Put double tildes around things to <del>strike it out</del> (~~strike it out~~).
    • Smarter lists: Have you ever had a numbered list mysteriously/annoyingly become a bullet list because it comes after one? Not anymore.
    • GFM line breaks: If you put a line break in your Markdown, it will be a line break after you toggle, instead of joining to form a single line. This closes issue #12.
  • Added a Markdown Toggle button to complement the context menu item and hotkey.
    • In Chrome and Firefox, this button will appear on the browser toolbar. It will be enabled when you're typing in a compose box that Markdown Here can work with.
      • You might notice the button enabled when you're typing in places other than your email page -- try it out! You might discover that Markdown Here works somewhere new. If you do, please add it to the compatibility wiki.
    • In Thunderbird and Postbox the appears on the formatting toolbar.
    • In Firefox, Thunderbird, and Postbox you can add/remove/move the button by right-clicking on the toolbar, clicking "Customize", and then dragging the button around. In Chrome you can remove it by right-click on it.
    • If you have any feedback about the new button, please join the "markdown-here" Google Group discussion.
    • Thanks to user jakov for suggesting this feature in issue #34.
  • Default styling changes. Note that you'll have to reset your styles to get the new defaults (click "Reset to Default" on the options page). The changes include:
    • Slightly smaller header font size.
    • Less space between list items.
    • Link styling is now more standard (e.g., underlines in Gmail).
    • If you have any feedback on the default styling, please join the Google Group discussion.
    • Thanks to Casey Watts for his input.
  • Added a "Basic Usage" section to the options page. This is in response to a tweet from user KSuzukii.
  • Yahoo and Hotmail/ now work a bit better.

Version 2.6.4 310.7 kB Works with Firefox 11.0 and later, Thunderbird 6.0 and later

  • Firefox/Thunderbird: Actually fixed the bug that I thought I fixed in v2.6.3. Much thanks to Daniel Ashton for letting me know that it was still busted and John Galt for assisting in the fix.

Version 2.6.3 310.6 kB Works with Firefox 11.0 and later, Thunderbird 6.0 and later

  • Firefox/Thunderbird: Fixed bug: Changes in Firefox/Thunderbird version 17 resulted in the options page not working correctly.

Version 2.6.2 310.0 kB Works with Firefox 11.0 and later, Thunderbird 6.0 and later

2012-10-06: v2.6.2

  • Firefox/Thunderbird: Fixed bug: Tabbing into the email body and then Markdown-Toggling via keyboard (i.e., never clicking the mouse in the message body) would result in the email body being lost when sent.
  • Discovered Wordpress post compatibility, thanks to user Sina Iravanian. (See details.)

Version 2.6.1 309.2 kB Works with Firefox 11.0 and later, Thunderbird 6.0 and later

2012-09-09: v2.6.1

  • Added hot-key (keyboard shortcut) support. The default key combination is ctrl+alt+m, but it is configurable from the Markdown Here options. Using the hot-key is identical to using the “Markdown Toggle” context menu item.
  • Added basic support for the Postbox desktop email client, at the request of a user. There are some significant caveats, like the lack of an options page.
  • Fixed bug: Gmail and Thunderbird reply exclusion wasn’t working well, resulting in quoted replies getting messed up when doing a full (non-selection) rendering.
  • Fixed: In Chrome on OS X, right-clicking on a word causes it to be selected. If “Markdown Toggle” were then clicked, it would render just that one word, which is lame. This behaviour is now avoided by not rendering single word selections – if a single word is selected, the entire content will be rendered instead.
  • Discovered Evernote web-interface compatibility, thanks to user markgoodson. (See details.)

Version 2.6.0 303.1 kB Works with Firefox 11.0 and later, Thunderbird 11.0 and later

  • Added support for TeX math formulae. For info check out the Options page.
    • Note that this feature is disabled by default, due to privacy concerns. Again, the see the Options page for info.
    • Thanks to bordaigorl for suggesting this feature and helping to implement it.
  • Firefox/Thunderbird: Added Options page. (Chrome already had it.) Take a look around and play with the styles.
  • Added a few new syntax highlighting themes. (Thanks to Highlight.js.)

Version 2.5.2 287.7 kB Works with Firefox 11.0 and later, Thunderbird 6.0 and later

* Firefox/Thunderbird: Minor change resulting from Mozilla review. (Fixed a "loose" variable.)

Version 2.5.0 284.7 kB Works with Firefox 11.0 and later, Thunderbird 5.0 and later

For a full list of changes, see:

Changes in v2.5.0:

* Changed default styles (e.g., font sizes) to be more relative. This results, for example, in ordinary Markdown-Here-rendered text looking more like ordinary Gmail text instead of the previous somewhat jarring size change.
* This also fixes a bug: Inline code in headings will now be the correct size.

* Chrome: Options page with changelist at top will be opened when *Markdown Here* updates.

* Significant changes under the hood to (hopefully!) allow *Markdown Here* to properly pass a full Mozilla review. For details, see [issue #21](

* Fixed bug: Empty line would appear at the top of rendered fenced code blocks that had been pasted.

* Removed feature/fixed bug: Pre-formatted links are no longer left intact. It conflicted with Marked.js's GFM behaviour of turning text that looks like a URL into a link. So if a pre-formatted link was created that used the URL as the text (e.g. ``), the resulting rendering would get messed up (`...`).
- Let this be a lesson about the perils of frivolous features.

Version 2.1.0 68.6 kB Works with Firefox 11.0 and later, Thunderbird 5.0 and later

2011-05-21: v2.1.0
Added Thunderbird support to Firefox extension.
Tightened security restrictions in Chrome extension.