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After installing the new update, the background color of the folder pane changed from white to grey. The right-hand pane did not change and is still white. How can I set the folder pane back to the original default and why not just honor the original setting?

edit: Thanks for the heads-up. Will try to remember using eMail next time. I'm pleased to see you are still updating this addon. BTW, managed to get back what I had before with:

/* Folderpane & Messagepane (white) */
treechildren {
background-color: #FFFFFF !important; }

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I am aware of the background change on the folder panel on the left, and plan to fix that (along with the margins there) once I find time for an update. I'm quite happy I was able to provide an update for TB 24 at all, as my time is rather limited currently. Note that the current background (which is not gray, but a noisy pattern) is the new original default ;)

Please note that you can always send eMails for bug reports, and do not need to use the rating feature for that.

New Version needs further Testing Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Tried for TB 17 and noticed that the Feed Message Body As -> Summary from the View drop-down is no longer functioning correctly. The Message Pane remains blank for subjects related to RSS Feeds. Also, if you install the addon on top of the old version without removing it first, there is no close button etc. on the upper right corner. I've been using this addon since it has been avaiable and it has been great.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

I'll try to find some time to dig into this, but I'm very busy at the moment. I'm quite happy I was able to provide such a complex update at all ;)

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Although the install.rdf indicates a max version of 11.*, this addon was disabled after installing TB 11.0. Hopefully the developer will continue supporting this great addon. Thanks..

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There is a TB11 compartible version available

The review process takes some weeks at addons.mozilla.org. Since the 15.3.2012 there is the TB11 compartible version uploaded. You can get it from the versions history:

I had to revoke TB11 compartibility for as it looked terrible with the new tabs-on-top feature.