Seems to work - stops chance of loading unwanted message Rated 5 out of 5 stars

This addon seems to work so far in TB 11. Only used it short while. This addon (so far) allows NOT automatically displaying the next message, after deleting a message. Say, when the next message is spam, but got into your Inbox. Do you trust TB's "security system" w/ your computer's life?

I can confirm Dragonfire's "bug" (in TB 11.0):
"it only works when you have the message selected and hit the delete button. It doesn't work on TB9.0.1 when delete is selected from the context menu."

If I'm READING a msg & hit del, it doesn't open the next one. If while the message display pane (browser) is empty, I R-click on another msg & select Delete from context, TB DOES display the next msg after that one. So, there are limitations of when v1.0 will / won't work. For now, it only works reliably when using Del key.

Avg users don't know what risks are involved w/ different internet behavior, nor should they have to know it all, in many cases. That's not meant as an insult. Just go to one of many malware removal help forums & see how many people get infections & no idea how. I've never had an infection EVER - over 25 yrs, knock on wood.

The issue of TB advancing to & displaying next message in (Inbox) list after deleting currently viewed message has been debated since 2009 - or before. Some email clients don't show next message in line after deleting one, by default (or didn't used to) or had an option not to.

It is true, Mozilla has increased TB's resistance to infection by simply displaying messages. That DOESN'T mean it is absolutely safe, under all conditions, for ever & ever. BUT... as w/ ALL software, EVERYWHERE, they can NOT predict the next trick hackers will come up w/, no matter HOW much the devs say it's safe. They can ONLY react to new threats, which is what ALL software devs have done - forever, & will continue to do.

For those wanting the next message to display after deleting one, TB devs should add an OPTION FOR that, not make everyone allow that behavior, w/ no way out.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.0).