Constant notifications I have to manually dismiss Rated 1 out of 5 stars

I have all CAs disabled since I don't trust them and use Perspectives so that might be affecting it - most places are already overridden by perspectives.

Almost every site pops up the notification, including this one. Actually it popped up several while I was getting to this page. The version is 2.0.6. In the configuration panel there are 4 boxes, and all of them are NOT checked. There is no apparent way to tell it NOT to pop up anything.

There is no option to have it either shut up when storing the cert the first time ("Certificate accepted and stored"), or even to have the notification bar disappear after a few seconds if it is a low-threat. On my big screen is is annoying. On my netbook that doesn't have a lot of vertical space it makes it almost useless.

I get the perspectives notification the first time and that is enough. I only want notification if there is a different certificate than stored - one that changed something significant, and maybe one that automatically disappears in 5-10 seconds if it is something like a cert expiration switch (from the same CA even though I don't trust the CAs). Alternately, you might be able to integrate with Perspectives to validate the cert and NOT pop up anything if perspectives says the cert is valid.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (