Good but kinda incomplete. Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Very nice and complete RSS reader, started using it because "Brief" reader got really buggy, just a few things.

1- Why dont themes apply to articles? it kinda hurts my eyes after a while of watching the white background.

2- Old Youtube videos from users youtube channel feed keep apearing in the feeds over and over again.

3- A option to place the article title before the article website would be useful for me as it makes it less confusing, also maybe the ability to enable website favicon at the left in the articles view.

4- When updating firefox gets really slow and hard to use, maybe an option for the automatic updated to update 1 folder at a time instead of all at the same time can help this.

5- There is no notification for new articles after update if the user doesnt have the bamboo tab open.

6- It would be nice to be able to right click a folder to mark it as read instead of going to it and then click the button to mark it read, the same for updating, deleting, favorite, etc.

7- You can't "CTRL+MOUSE WHEEL" (in win7) to zoom the interface but you can do it from the firefox menu (maybe a bug?)

8- It would be nice to have a option to make the reader use the entire space of the screen.

9- Also a option to disable updating on certain folders/feeds would be nice too, sometimes you want a feed/folder to stop updating but you dont want to delete it completely, being able for the reader to ignore feeds/folders would be a nice addition.

10- THE MOST IMPORTANT THING! I cant use PGUP and PGDN keys, its really bad to have to scroll with the mouse wheel or the mouse pointer, PLEASE ADD SUPPORT FOR "PAGE UP" AND "PAGE DOWN" KEYS!

Thanks for this great reader, i hope you dont abandon it like the Brief developer did.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.7.1-signed). 

1- i will see if it is possible to change the dark theme
2- this is a bug from the youtube feeds (in fact it removes items and re-add them after)
3- the feed name is only indicated in case of folder selection. it's a good idea to show the icon instead of the name
4- it will be implemented in a future version. you only can limit the automatic update to the favorite feeds
5- there is a toolbar button which can be inserted in the Firefox/Thunderbird interface
6- i know ^^
7- you can use Ctrl+ / Ctrl- / Ctrl0
8- Already discussed, the fixed width allow a better content display
10- theses keys cannot be used in the add-on, you can use the arrow keys.