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In a little more detail...

NO cost texting is possible:

xmpp texting
sip texting

wiki xmpp
cisco's jabber site
anti-nsa: OTR

you're clueless if you use outdated sms texting !

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request everyone install this or enforce by policy Rated 5 out of 5 stars

This is a must have along with adBLOCK edge and (beef taco or ghostery) and NOscript and (greasemonkey or scriptish)

Perusing the interweb without any filtering is almost as foolish as using outdated sms texting when zero-cost xmpp texting is available for every device.

Even if you're a facetard you can learn to use RequestPolicy. Wisely tinker to restore essential functionality only

Hopefully the developer or a forker will ad subscription functionality to encourage more widespread usage. I'm confident many of the adblock subscription maintainers would happily release f/oss subscriptions for RequestPolicy -- especially for online finance and webmail should one's contracts with such be at least sensible with respect to the high value of user privacy and not be raping it for profit by default.

Ghostery – Privacy Ad Blocker

eats beef taco alive Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Actively developed unlike Beef Taco I have replaced the one for the other.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Adblock Edge

when ZERO third party ads are acceptable employ adBLOCK edge Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I and I alone decide which content to load- or not. Wladimir Palant's company which now publishes adblock plus ads has crossed the line into unhelpful; he willfully refrains from seeking informed consent for his ludicrous ad-showing policy. The appropriate default for perma-whitelisting ads "feature" is obviously disabled.

adBLOCK edge returns judgement- and power to the user.



I do not tolerate evil actions or lies. Your claim is either ignorance or a falsehood. Hopefully the former as I can endeavor to liberate you from that state myself. :)

Element selection is- and always has been a separate firefox extension:

"this extension requires adblock plus ads" is not accurate. It will work perfectly well with adBLOCK edge.


to view blockable ads in adBLOCK edge:

right click adBLOCK edge icon in status bar, open blockable items

if no icon is visiable to you either add it by right clicking status bar or other firefox UI element which can be customized, customize, drag icon to desired location

Tools > adBLOCK edge > open blockable items


Know that this is one of many ways to HIDE elements. (elements per se cannot be blocked but only hidden). Alternatives you might enjoy include:







Yet Another Remove It Permanently


HackTheWeb provides a platypus-like interface (also similar to hiding helper) for selecting elements which then saves a [CSS] style to be applied by Stylish.
That employs CSS, and is applied after the page renders.

Greasemoney or Scriptish apply UserScript

yarip employs XPath

Given the limited CSS implementation of "CSS selectors" in adblock/hide helper you'll need XPath for fine[r] grained selections. (XPath is more powerful than CSS is some instances: it picks up where current CSS usage is deficient.)


Do ask Wladamir Palant to incorporate XPath into future adblock plus ads builds for the best of blocking, and element selection.


adblock plus ads is also available to safari, chrome, and chromium. That latter is free from google infestation [raping privacy]. However because of limitations of these other browsers not all blocking rule creation is possible -- most notably youtube stream ads. To compensate you'll need upstream content filtering perhaps by UTM (pfsense, untangle, et al) or more proximately via Privoxy (loopback proxy) -- all of which are zero-cost. (raping privacy extracts cost in lieu of financial cost, a folly unto itself beyond grave moral crime. "free" apps which are actually malware or internet ads loaders are examples of not-zero-cost).

dots added to maintain desired white space

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2.1.1-signed.1-signed).