Thanks and idea Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Thank you so much for writing this add-on.

I gave it four stars only because it could use a configuration panel for changing or deleting hotkeys. I'm one of those who prefers no hotkeys, but there are other people who need to change the hotkey combinations for accessibility. For me, editing the about:config is no big deal, but for others, it is, especially for accessibility's sake.Like other reviewers, I too would like to see an appearance change for private tabs, so while you're thinking about it, I used the userChrome.css to address the issue.

The relevant CSS I used is:.

.tabbrowser-tab[privateTab-isPrivate] .tab-content
{ background:#555 !important; color:#ddd !important; }

.tabbrowser-tab[privateTab-isPrivate] .tab-close-button
{ /* this needs to change the default image as it's a bit dark with my colors */ }

.tabbrowser-tab[privateTab-isPrivate][selected] .tab-content
{ background:#777 !important; color:#fff !important; }

.tabbrowser-tab[privateTab-isPrivate]:hover .tab-content
{ background:#669 !important; color:#fff !important; }

I hope this helps, and others may find it useful. Thank you again for making this add-on.

[edited this post to fix the colors]

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (