Rated 4 out of 5 stars

I wrote an review last year for Padlock and Fx if you scroll down.

Could you please make Padlock compatible with SeaMonkey? The dark gray lock in SeaMonkey's status bar is very difficult to see as it is very small, a terrible color and in a terrible place and also very difficult to tell if the SM padlock is open or closed. I have your Padlock on Fx and love it. I want it for SeaMonkey also so I can have an easy to see GOLD padlock in the SeaMonkey address bar where I can quickly see (like on Fx) whether it is open or closed. If I get on a page with mixed encryption, I cannot see the broken lock that SM uses at all.

BTW, your Conspiracy extension supposedly doesn't work on SM but it installed and works great and I sent a compatibility report for it. Now if you could make Padlock work with SM, I would be really happy. ( I am using SM 2.6.1, not the current version, as I have another extension I am waiting to be made compatible with the latest SM).

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Fx's new way to distinguish secure sites is puzzling. I still don't understand the significance of blue color. What does blue have to do with whether a website is secure? No color for mixed content website? That is really awful as I don't notice no color. For over 12 years now, I have looked for a gold closed padlock to indicate a secure website and still look for the padlock on other browsers. This extension gives this back to me on Fx.

I very much like that I can decide where I want the padlock (end of the address bar for me as I intend to completely ignore the extremely confusing, oddly colored area on the left of the address. I far prefer clicking on the padlock to get further information).

I would urge you, as an earlier reviewer mentioned, to allow us to add the padlock to the status bar. (Of course, I use Extended Status Bar extension. I can't imagine not having a true status bar and I have always looked there for the padlock for many years and I would like to have it there as well as at the end of the address bar).

I also really like bringing back the yellow color for the address bar when on a secure site and green color for extended validation sites.

I began using Fx4 when it was released, but I only now feel really comfortable using it as finally I now have proper visual validation (rather than some confusing blue or no color or white or whatever) of a secure site. I particularly commend you for giving me a way to easily see if a site has mixed content. I felt very confused by whatever I was supposed to see in Fx4 to indicate mixed content before I got Padlock. I've been using Mozilla browsers as default since 2001 yet I did not understand until now reading your explanation that no color on the left of the address means mixed content on a secure site. I simply thought that as of Fx 4 Mozilla had gotten sloppy with secure site indicators. So, I am relieved to now have an open black lock when there is mixed content on a secure page.