Excellent Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Very handy way to save pages, i never used the webpage complete option to save pages and this alot easier than website clone software ive tried. But has a minor flaw imo: when you click "Save Tabs In Archive As" to show the open tabs, if you look closely (and after the fact will realize) the tabs arent automatically ordered the same as theyre opened onscreen, so wont be saved in the same order.

Took a few days to realize you can click on the "Location" header to change the save order BUT youve calibrated it to toggle like 4 or 5 different orders, and is tricky telling them apart. So suggest instead of toggling the Location bar randomly finding the save order you want, to add something like labeled check boxes instead. Still a great addon tho. Thanks

@jadd above, HTTrack is what ive got, its very complicated to use and the default settings dont allow you to capture much of a website or guess what parts itll try to clone. There are so many rules to use it properly think you need to be expert to gaurantee itll do what you ask it, even on simple sites that are self contained. Ill keep trying with it in future, but dont consider it an easy option like MAF

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