Great, useful addon with one "flaw" Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Hello, after seeing that one of the admins responded to the posts here (as far as 2 pages back), I realized that writing a review is a good way to address this issue of mine + at the same time praise all the good things.

This addon is great - I converted to FF from Opera, so I was used to use .mht file format, but FF didn't provide it naturally, which is a shame, but that's how it was. For archiving purposes, having one file (.mht) is better than having two items (html + folder, which has many other items).

It's like videogames, which has one big .dat file, or few big .dat files, or those with thousands of files. It's not practical and it's not convinient.

This being said, I have problem with this:

"The download cannot be saved, because an unknown error has occured

Please try again"

The general way I am moving in my browser using is to do things faster. Mouse gestures, different helpful addons which improves your speed while browsing. I even saw addon which allowed you to save images to predefined folder just by double clicking on them - speed is good, right ?
Yet, this addon works unintuittively against that when it comes to saving any page. I CTRL+S, select a name (or leave the one that is there) and then I have to wait. I am not sure how long, it varies. For example for
website of Guardian, it's 5 seconds on my 4mbit connection. And it's just 1,5MB file, what about webpages that has 10-15MB (for example forum threads with lots of images) combined with something I am already downloading, so I would have to wait a minute or two ?

This is bad. The bad thing is also that you don't know how long you have to wait - there is sometimes popup window in the lower right corner of my browser, saying "all downloads finished". But sometimes it doesn't appear. And when I want to download a page and I am already downloading a file, it won't appear.

I like how Firefox naturally handles image saving - it also takes time, but you can click "save as", select filename and immideately close the page. No error prompts, it will silently download in background.

Besides, the page is already downloaded in memory, right ? When I am on a page and it's 100% loaded, I can see the page, text and images there, why not download directly from the memory ? The way it is now suggests that the entire page is being downloaded again, which seems to me unnecessary - you basically download every page you want to save 2 times.

Still, 4 stars, as this addon shows promising future and has a care of developers.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Thank you for writing a detailed review! You may be interested in trying version 3.0b1, available from the "Development Channel" section, that might address some of the issues you experienced. If you still have specific issues, you're welcome to report them through the feedback page (