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I've been very happy with this add-on for some time, but have had some recent problems. My questions are:
1. I'm using Firefox 20.0.1 and found that MAF 2.0.9 would not work. When I upgraded to MAF 3.0a3, it works. Why is this not made clear on the MAF web site?
2. What is the difference between MAF (as on maf.mozdev.org) and MAF w/MHT and Faithful Save (as on addons.mozilla.org)? If they are the same, why are there 2 different sites, making them look different?
3.Why doesn't the Feedback page on maf.mozdev.org provide a contact for the developer? Why does the link on that page to the maf mailing list not work?
4. Using MAF 3.03a, I find that MAFF files are bigger than MHT files, and they are both much bigger than HTM files. Why is this so?
If you prefer, please reply to me at LDGraham AT iinet DOT net DOT au.
Lindsay Graham

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Thanks for getting in touch, I've just updated the contact information on mozdev.org after the recent mailing list downtime. I also have trouble updating distribution files on mozdev.org, so you might be experiencing unwanted differences between the two versions.

The latest version is now 3.0b1 on addons.mozilla.org. If you still have doubts about the saved file size with that version, you're welcome to provide more details through the updated Feedback page.