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I have heard Jesus speak in an audible voice and had many experiences with him. He is very real and very good hearted. The world is bad, we are bad...not God. He is kind enough as a father to not lock the bad one's in a cage, but give them a chance to be good. He was good enough to allow us to be here and have a choice. Satan wants us to believe he is bad. The flood was because there were so many evil people, and if your read the story it was angels that came down and had intercourse with people and it was not God's intention. You have to read all of the story to see the truth. He did promise to never cause a flood again, because he saw so many would be good after the fact. Jesus chose to die for us, and was not killed by God, but by man. The old testament was ab rules, but the new testament brough Jesus' laws and the old laws were passed away. Jesus is love and his laws are now love, compassion, forgiveness, joy, peace, patience, kindness, and hope. Jesus is love and all the love in this world is bc of him!

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Jesus is lord? His "father" is the greatest murderer in history (Noachian flood) ... He will never be my King. It's so stupid.

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That's power