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Why was Identity Chooser created?

Identity Chooser was born out of necessity: With Thunderbird 2 I was using IdentitySelect+, which did what I needed, but was not compatible with Thunderbird 3. So one night between Christmas and New Years Eve I developed the first version of Identity Chooser.

Now, almost a year later it is still going strong. I got awesome suggestions, comments, translations and general encouragement from users all over the world. Identity Chooser is a fun little side project and I'm very happy with it.

To those who sent donations for the development of Identity Chooser: You guys ROCK.

What's next for Identity Chooser

I think Identity Chooser's feature set is pretty well rounded. If you have a suggestion, please, send me an email.

About the Developer

Developer Information
Name speedball2001
User since June 13, 2008
Number of add-ons developed 3 add-ons
Average rating of developer's add-ons Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Who is speedball2001?

I'm Janek Schwarz, 37 years old, married, two daughters, software developer. I live in Berlin, Germany.<br/><br/>In my day job, I'm one of the founders of EDI+EXPERTS (, a software and consulting company for electronic data interchange.<br/><br/>In my spare time I like to go rock shows, play in a table tennis team and, if my time permits, develop addons for Thunderbird.