GNOMErunner/GTK Revived Version History

6 versions

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Version 0.3.2 781.4 kB Works with SeaMonkey 2.17 - 2.27

SeaMonkey 2.24, 2.25, 2.26 compatibility;
Improved sidebar borders;
Fixed compatibility with new Lightning versions;
Fixed SeaFox addon manage categories;
Many small fixes.

Version 0.3.1 771.6 kB Works with SeaMonkey 2.17 - 2.25

  • Splitted Freedesktop flavor to a separate theme;
  • Replaced online/offline icon;
  • Added an option to use pre-2.22 findbar;
  • Fixed some bugs in Address Book;
  • Fixed new mail alerts;
  • Fixed splitter grippies not being clickable;
  • Fixed bug where some sites (YouTube, for example) had too large favicons on bookmark toolbars.

Version 0.2 723.5 kB Works with SeaMonkey 2.17 - 2.25

  • Updated for SeaMonkey 2.22;
  • Added some menu icons;
  • Improved tab drop arrows;
  • Added nice border around content in browser;
  • Replaced Sync icon with a better one;
  • Selective text option for Navigator now affects also Forward and Search buttons;
  • Selective text option now forces "Text behind icons" mode for toolbars with only icons;
  • Fixed visible grippies on menubars;
  • Fixed tab overflow arrows;
  • Fixed bookmark toolbar dropmarker;
  • Fixed Find icon in Composer;
  • Fixed sidebar splitter;
  • Fixed Local Folders icon in MailNews;
  • Removed some non-freedesktop icons from Freedesktop mode;
  • Updated MailNews account actions page;
  • Removed alternative new tab icon option, since that icon is not stock one. The alternative icon is now default, and the old default one is used in Freedesktop mode now;
  • Partial Lightning and Lightbird support;

Version 0.1 704.4 kB Works with SeaMonkey 2.17 - 2.22

  • Added simple customizer extension;
    • Non-stock Freedesktop native icons;
    • Grippies may be visible, like in default;
    • Grippies may be completely hidden, either everywhere or only
      on menubars;
    • New tab button icon may be reverted to GNOMErunner/GTK 0.8
    • HTTPS address bar highlight, like in default;
    • Selective text on some buttons in Navigator, Mail &
      Newsgroups and Address Book;
  • Tweaked toolbar grippies;
  • Fixed data manager favicon;
  • Fixed bookmarks button on large icons toolbar;
  • Fixed statusbar height in Composer;
  • Fixed bookmark manager menubar;
  • Partial ChatZilla and DOM Inspector support;
  • Cleaned up the theme from some icons, native ones are used in
    place of them;
  • Tweaked sidebar.
Changes from unreleased 0.11:
  • Cleaned theme up from unused images;
  • Reduced margins in Composer, Address book and message
    composing window;
  • Made collapsed toolbar line prettier.

Version 0.0.10 1.0 MB Works with SeaMonkey 2.17 - 2.22

  • Fixed mail tab margins;
  • Fixed "special" bookmark folder icons;
  • Reduced statusbar height;
  • All tabs dropdown does not thicken tab bar anymore.

Version 0.0.9 1.0 MB Works with SeaMonkey 2.17 - 2.22

  • Updated original GNOMErunner/GTK to SeaMonkey 2.19;
  • Changed icon on new tab button;
  • Reduced margins around content;
  • For icons that are absent in system theme, like special mail folders, Firefox and Thunderbird icons are used.