EarlyBlue Version History

36 versions

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Version 2.0b2 238.6 KB Works with SeaMonkey 2.0b2pre - 2.0.*

Updated the theme for SeaMonkey 2.0 Beta 2

Version 2.0b1 236.5 KB Works with SeaMonkey 2.0b1pre - 2.0b2pre

Updated theme for SeaMonkey 2.0 Beta 1

Version 2.0a3 221.2 KB Works with SeaMonkey 2.0a3pre - 2.0b1pre

This version features updates to be compatible with SeaMonkey 2 Alpha 3 but also makes good improvements in addition to that, including updated DOM inspector and ChatZilla support, highly improved support for right-to-left language display, full support for customizable navigator toolbars, controls in elements, and new history window and sidebar as well as some other bugfixes and improvements.

See also http://home.kairo.at/blog/2009-03/earlyblue_and_lcarstrek_for_seamonkey_2

Version 2.0a1 165.9 KB Works with SeaMonkey 2.0a1pre - 2.0a2pre

This release updates the theme to work with SeaMonkey 2 Alpha 1 (and recent 2.0a1pre nightlies), which means lots of rework to build on a toolkit base and style things like the new Add-Ons Manager.

Version 1.8.1 662.5 KB Works with SeaMonkey 1.1a - 1.1.*

Version 1.8.1 contains all changes needed to optimally support SeaMonkey 1.1

Version 1.8 652.3 KB Works with SeaMonkey 1.0 - 1.0.*