Please, check this CPU load Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Can someone confirm these complaints written earlier (see reviews by other people)? Any way to avoid CPU load if this is true?

"I really enjoyed using the Diigo plug-in, but version was bogging down my Firefox 3.0.5 -- too many unresponsive script instances and major spikes in CPU usage (over 90) when loading pages."

"great idea, great highlighter and sticky notes. however it slows firefox down to the point of uselessness.

i also found that after highlighting something on a page and revisiting it the highlights have disappeared. Great!"
Luckily, the latter does not happen with many sites. But that is a problem with some https?

"Very bad that it dont run if you don t have an account... I m an asocial uncollaborative guy that need to put stickies on some pages but that is bored to be tracked"
Login is the whole point, you can share things between your computers =) But what if Diigo server goes down??????

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