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Вообще не работает!!!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 


According to translate.google.com, "Вообще не работает!!!" = "Does not work!"

However, we happen to know that IT DOES WORK! Which is in direct contrast to what "iknyazhev" is seemingly attempting to portray.

The problem I am having with this unnaturally poor review is that he does not supply any usable information. Not here, not to my support email, and not to the official forum, which is where troubleshooting and general communication belong. Without that I am unable to assist with whatever issue he seems to be having. I went to his profile in an attempt to locate some contact information for him so that I might find out more about the problems he is having on his end. Unfortunately, he does not have any form of contact information available.

Aside from a dearth of contact information, a look at his profile will also show that he never leaves favorable or helpful reviews. This is evident from all of his reviews shown there. So how am I supposed to help? What options has iknyazhev made available for me to help him?

iknyazhev, it is in everyone's best interest that I be able to help you. Please show me and everyone else that you are not just trolling, and contact me by my support email or by posting on the official forum.