Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Further to my earlier review...this has been causing some serious issues on my machine. It waas hard to figure out at first but here is the detail:
The addon worked great and I have a few other addons too, too many to mention but they all seem compatible and no problems so far to talk of. Then I went to my Bank website and, when AI Roboform dialogue popped up to fill the login form in for me, the firefox froze. I tried to minimise but no response. I tried to click the usual firefox button on the taskbar and still no response. then I tried to click on an open directory from the taskbar...same, no response. I found that whatever other applications or folders I had open and had placed their button in the taskbar, were not able to respond top clicking them whenever this firefox freeze took place. I tested it and kept returning to the bank site and it happened every time, the only way was always to end the process of firefox, then the PC would return to normal. though often taskmanager would not respond either so it was a problem!
I disabled this addon and everything was back to normal so it was easy to work out the cause of these problems!! I have messed around with the settings and now I have it actually able to work but I still get the odd slight freeze when roboform pops up, but it unfreezes within a second, unlike before! The memory settings in the addon, I set them really high...I set the allowed memory to 500Mb and the timer to 30seconds. this is the only change in settings that will allow me to even be able to use this addon. Anything else I do does not stop it freezing.
PLEASE CAN YOU LOOK INTO THIS (if you have the time) as I think this is the best addon I have used for such a long time and would hate to stop using it now.