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Installed this plug-in and experienced operational failure as suggested by other posters. Looked at the http://www.lancelhoff.com/how-to-fix-adsense-notifier-password-problem/ fix suggested by by kimme and modified those instructions.

Using File Explorer, browse to C:\Documents and Settings\user_name\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\random_funky_number.default\extensions\ and look for {2722cbe5-82a8-4037-a8f5-e1cb2100e3b2}, the directory for Adsense Notifier. Edit this file: {2722cbe5-82a8-4037-a8f5-e1cb2100e3b2}\components\nsAdsensenotifier.js by inserting your password on line 103.

Security note: Your adsense password is now saved in a PLAIN TEXT format.

Security note: This plug-in allows anyone logged in as you to directly access your Google Adsense account.

After editing my password and restarting FireFox, this plug-in has worked great for me thus far. Right clicking the status bar icon opens the correct page in Adsense logged in as me.

I would like to thank the plug-in's author for their past efforts. I hope this state of non-support is only caused by a loss of enthusiasm and nothing more serious.