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兼容于3.6*的Abduction!下载:http://tidbits.sydv.net/firefox/extensions/abduction/ 由Detruire修改
Abduction! for 3.6*:http://tidbits.sydv.net/firefox/extensions/abduction/
I love Abduction! And lucky now,we can use it in Firefox3.6. We should thanks to Detruire.He edited the install.rdf file to make it compatible with 3.6.* below is his original coment:
For those who are unable or can't be bothered to edit the RDF themselves, I've uploaded a modified version of Abduction! with two changes:

- Max version changed to Firefox 3.6.* (so it won't complain about being out-of-date on update to 3.6)
- Pressing 'Enter' on a page which you've saved an image of will no longer bring up the 'Save As' box again.

It can be downloaded from http://tidbits.sydv.net/firefox/extensions/abduction/

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (3.0.4).