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Klemens Schölhorn


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Why was YouTube ALL HTML5 created?

Today YouTube requires Flash for most of its videos. This discriminates against users who cannot or don't want to install Flash.
I found myself regularly in this situation and the available addons did not have the quality that I was expecting for my daily use of YouTube. So I decided to create this addon from scratch to enably playback of (today) almost all videos on YouTube only with the help of HTML5 and javascript.

Thanks to

  • Raylan Givens for the IE hint
  • Alexander Schlarb for his work to support click_to_play
  • Alex Szczuczko for implementing "pause on start"

What's next for YouTube ALL HTML5

Please do not use reviews for bugreports. The problem is that I cannot contact you directly if I have any further questions. Just write me an email or open an issue in the github issue tracker. Thank you!

You can follow the development of this addon on github. Upcoming features can be seen and suggested in the github issue tracker.
If you want to contribute code, you can eather submit a pull-request on github or send me a patch via email.

If you want to donate some change, feel free to use the donate feature on this site to donate via PayPal. Alternatively you could also send some coins to 16GAievcLKW3mUHQoTXLhF4LDZpYnX4FRM.

About the Developer

Developer Information
Name Klemens Schölhorn
Occupation Student at Leipzig University
Email address
User since July 11, 2012
Number of add-ons developed 3 add-ons
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