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WOTI was a contributing member to WOT for quite some time, and actually enjoyed sharing and rating sites, until one day, something happened there that stopped it all.One of the powerful moderators there publicly told me to be very careful in the WOT community, as they had been having numerous death threats!WTF!!!I will NEVER use them again!Dirty Dingus Mcgee

Response to the developer. Excuse me, but the information, ratings and profile comments ARE visible. Therefore, anyone and everyone can see exactly who wrote what about the site.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (20130924.1-signed). 

I would say that like every social service some people miss behave and say things that they later regret. Our site is no different from that. We have zero tolerance against bulling and our moderators or admins will take action as soon as it's reported to us.

WOT is build so that you can rate websites without creating account on our website. Since all ratings are private nobody knows what you have rated and how. So it's impossible to threaten those raters.