LOVE IT!!!!! + Suggestion. Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Hi guy!I just want to say you that i an a lover of "Xclear", but this, THIS ROCKS!!! Oh yeah.Suggestion: I just happened a option (or not) to clear when scrool down, and paste when you scrool up (or vicevesa).

(Edited: more ideas)
• Also a thing that happened in my mind was make it with three functions: Clear; Copy and paste.
in some of these actions: scrool up; scrool down; and wheel click.
• Also, copy a selected text in the page, by making some whell action (scrool or click) could be interesting. (There is exist some auto-copy add-ons here in AMO, but they could be problematic couse frecuently we have copied in the clipboard text that don't have to loose or text that we gonna use in a while)

Just ideas, you know. ANYWAY, it's ok, it works, it's VERY usefull.

This is built into Linux, select some text with the mouse, it get's copied automatically to the clipboard, press the middle mouse button, it get's pasted.