Firefox 17 compatibility workaround! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

For those of you who updated to Firefox 17 and are experiencing compatibility issues with "Strata Reloaded", here is a workaround:

1. Install the "Disable Add-on Compatibility Checks" add-on from this link:

2. Then in Firefox 17 simply navigate to "Add-ons" then "Appearance" and you will once again have the option to enable "Strata Reloaded".

The theme is *mostly* compatible with the new Firefox 17, but some things just won't display properly, for example: The new tab page is all messed up, and a few other minor issues!

I contacted the author about an update for the theme, but he said that it's very unlikely and that he basically discontinued it's development for good. So my suggestion is to stop using it!

You can actually make the default Firefox theme very similar to this one by manually importing the awesome unique "Firefox start button" from this theme into a style for the "User Styles" extension (or into userChrome.css). This is done by extracting the *.xpi file and manually copy-pasting the CSS code and images associated with the button from the theme.

There's also a user styles extension called "Firefox: Choose your color" which can alter the Firefox default theme's color into the slightly darker one used in "Strata Reloaded", so in essence it becomes almost identical. Lastly You can also get the classical Back & Forward round buttons with an extension called "Classic Toolbar Buttons". So with all of the above, you can essentially duplicate this theme with the Firefox default theme, and phase this one out for good, there by also avoiding any incompatibility issues with the new versions of Firefox :)

Enjoy! :)