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No Script is a most-trusted add-on for browsing privacy and security on your terms. I'm a disabled student, NS is worth 4 years of loyalty, gratitude and humble contribution. Note, first-time users: NS default protections are truly rigorous! Customizing NS options takes 10-15 minutes [upon installation or without importing your personalized settings.] E.g., I periodically export whitelist and settings from NS' options to a folder [separate from my FEBE backup directory.] If I re-install FF and/orNS, I launch NS' options and import NS whitelist [not to be confused with similar-but-separate Ad-block Plus "filter exceptions" whitelist] and settings. This time-saving step is handy when restoring extensions from a backup [e.g., selective FEBE b-u,] an add-on collection download or after yet-another-head-spinning FF update :-o

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