Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Most excellent add-on...a must have for Firefox or any browser but mainly...OK...Firefox only.

Now to my point!

I noticed the pop-up bar shows how many scripts/objects are blocked but no way of viewing what they are...at leas not with just your extension. To get the function I am speaking of AdBlock+ needs to be installed (unless I am missing something). With AdBlock+ you can use "Open blockable items" and view any *.js files available for blocking/unblocking once you enable scripts with NoScript. This is fine because then one can use AdBlock+ to block a specific .js file if needed. The point I am making here is I feel if you are going to announce <#of> scripts/objects blocked then there should be a way to view what they are in-case a user does not use AdBlock+ or want to (beyond me why someone would not).

Additionally, I would love to see NoScript incorporate a similar feature like RequestPolicy does. If there is a script being run from another source other than main site I would like to see the following: Allow Scripts from 3rdPartyscript.com to maindomain.com or Allow request from maindomain.com to 3rdpartyscript.com

Personally I think ABP, NoScript, and RequestPolicy need to merge in some way along with possibly BetterPrivacy. See image for additional info: http://bayimg.com/gamipAaDn

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (