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Works like a charm!
It replaces the firefox menu button and only leaves that little arrow. Much better!

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Lightweight addon @3kb , pls do not write menu to modify padding and color , let it be as it is

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Flawless. Thank you!!

Nice addon, but needs a tweak Rated 4 out of 5 stars

The padding on all sides of the button looks a bit awkward and also makes closing tabs with the middle mouse button a bit more tricky.
To remove the padding, use "Save as.." to get the .xpi file, unpack it and edit lines 3-5 to your liking.
i.e.: padding-top: 0px;

Afterwards just create a .zip file containing all the files, change the extension to .xpi and drag the file into FF.

Neat button otherwise.

Welcome to edit, and suggestion

Thank for your suggestion, now i will try to write a menu to let user can modify the padding, & the color.

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With this enabled on XP, I can't middle click to close tabs with my mouse all the way at the top of the screen.

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Works! No problems yet.