Retraction for too enthusiastic review, sadly Rated 2 out of 5 stars

I was thrilled with DoNoTrackMe (DNTM) and MaskMe (MM), but after purchasing the premium MaskMe account, all of a sudden I've had ongoing problems with both MaskMe and DNTM. They do not work well together, there is overlapping, and they require entirely different log-in membership accounts! That should have been made clear Before I purchased the premium MM account because Abine's help section explains that the "new" DNTM now does most of what MM does, and they won't integrate. If one wants to simplify and switch over to DNTM, all of MM's masked emails and passwords are lost forever and one must start over from scratch! After using MM for a period of time, that is A LOT of accounts to lose log-ins for!

Also, DNTM's toolbar icon keeps screwing up and becoming unresponsive. I end up having to delete it and reinstall it to get it working again. Between that and MM developing all kinds of glitches recently, including locking me out of my account entirely, which forced me to reinstall FF and lose all of FF my add-ons and various settings, products that used to be a delight are becoming a major, time-consuming pain. Furthermore, MM isn't recording all of the passwords it is creating for me and when that happens, I have no idea what they are! Whether it is Abine's internal issues or problems working with FF updates, either way, Abine should either be on top of it or let us know upfront that there are bugs and/or incompatibilities. At the moment, I've dropped my stars from four to three but if this continues, I'll be dropping the star rating further.

I read the Olivia from Abine response to another reviewer having the exact same problems as me and she wrote that Abine is very aware of the problems and confusion for their users as they go through changes. I just want to say that as a premium subscriber, I resent the company knowing it is going through these transitions but charging me for a year of MM only to shortly after suddenly label it "beta," move MM services to DNTM, and then let me and other subscriber's suffer the chaos and disruption! It's a really lousy way to treat customers. It isn't even ethical to keep selling a product they are phasing out as the customer is making the purchase. Now that I know it is Abine causing the disruption and knowingly providing a faulty product because they "decided" to switch MM services to DNTM and leave their MM customers in a lurch, my star rating is down to two stars!

Love it! Rated 4 out of 5 stars

I love MaskMe! I use it for emails, passwords, and to mask my real phone number online. Once in awhile I have a problem from some glitch but I always receive a courteous response from MaskMe. Most of the time, though, it works flawlessly for me. I really like the way I can click on the MaskMe icon to open my account to see all my emails, passwords, and phone record without it opening on the page I'm working on. It opening in a new tab automatically is really helpful.