Rated 5 out of 5 stars

The program is fantastic! I have one gripe and I doesn't affect functionality just speed and it's probably just people like me that have 93 sites it keeps my password and username for (I know that's a ton). And whenever you have encrypted data it has to be decrypted so I accept it and it's not intolerably slow and it's only slow right when I open my browser app or ask it for the full accounts list on the maskme user home page. But when I go to a site it quickly auto fills my info (you can turn that feature off if you want, but I have it set so when I open firefox it asks my main password and fills in my info after that. I have maskme set so I have to enter my main password each time i open my browser before it auto-fills). They should do a update to see if they can fix what slows it down occasionally, otherwise great software TWO THUMBS UP! Plus they have a Iphone app that gives you mobile access to your passwords for free!