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I have installed this addon and use it only occassionally, like if I have visitors. I am unable to keep this addon always enabled
because of a probem which i am going to outline below.

The problem....It creates an icon inside the address bar. But that is not the worst of it. The icon shows up only when you hover anywhere on the address bar and dissappears when you move away. This means that everytime you hover over the address bar, the position of all icons(added by addons) is changed everytime until you move your cursor away.

The problem this creates is that - you're going towards the flagfox icon where you see it. But when you reach it and click it, it turns out to be the icon of some other addon.

My suggestion to the developer is
- Make the icon in the addon bar optional
- Give the option to put the icon elsewhere(if you insist that the icon is necessary)
- Stop the bloody icon from blinking everytime you move over it. Make it permanent!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 


I can't remeber this icon, and has how remove it.
I think as you, this normal not is use as in this state.
normal is use encrypt/decrypt bookmarkas and not currenet URL.

I will upload a new version that is remove now.

/ Figaor