Thank you for this add-on Rated 4 out of 5 stars

I think the Mozilla people really messed up the FF find when they changed it and I have been looking for a way back ever since. Now we have one.

One suggestion is that you swap the "previous" and "next" boxes so that the "next" is to the left of the "previous" box. So it would go from left to right: Search Box; Next Box, then Previous Box. That's how it used to be in FF. IMHO, "Next" is the most likely thing to do after typing in the find, so why not make it the very next thing?

Thanks bear for that feedback and review. You make a good point about that swap. I agree with that and want to add it. But I'm curious, because if you press enter, the thing that happens is next. Are you pressing tab then enter? Please email me and we can discuss this great idea.