OK + Suggest feature. Rated 5 out of 5 stars

(Working perfect in my FF 21.0 in XP)
• Mosty pleople MOVE the toolbar buttons each one of us in diferent place. Besides the fact that i can move the toolbar button to ADDON-BAR and hide (in the Ghostery options) the STATUS-BAR Button, i think wil be awesome if the STATUS-BAR icon is Moveable too, i mean, it need apears in the ADDON-BAR. That way the user can agroup some "similar" icons (or tools) in way that he felt, without having a tool (icon) near another that doesn't have any relationship with privacy, blockers, or something that way.
• Also you can put in the options an option to let the status-bar icon's apparencein the way that it is, or make without word, just de numbers. You could help it by changing the number's colors. To avoid problems with Personas (skin themes) you can put options to let the user changue the colors of each state.
• Besides the funtionality, i tend to chose things by their skin (and the capacity of it). Meaning about the big blue and white pop-up is there any chance to intgrate a second skin much more darker. I will feel more confortable with a kind of dark grey and blue (in example).
• Also i have a couple images that will perfect if i could chose the skin of the tiny pop-up. It's not bad yours, but if there any way to change it.

Please, disqus with your team and if you want to implement review's suggestion from whoever (mines or not), and that thing need change something that Ghostery has, don't drop the OLD by the NEW one; make that you do with the big pop-up. You LET THE USER change it. That one is one of things that informatic developers forget very often. Well. Nothing more about suggestions.

I want to say you that i love the pop-up images in the advanced options. That way you help the user undestand the things more easy, reading less to continun enjoying the web. Also i love the animations that you implement. I have a slow machine and i love deskmoding my desktop and my programs, but sometimes i take off the animations and chose static things cuz it slow down my machine or the animations don't show smoothly. The Ghostery animations shows very right and smoothly. So thanks for that too.

Well. Nothing more. Forgive my bad english. (i does my best). And sorry if i boring you.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (