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Awesome plugin!!

Please consider reviewing the points below, cause they don't work well under Firefox 3.6.17!
1 - Reloading the tabs. F5 works like a charm, but Context Menu/Reload seems to reload other tab! This makes this plugin unusable with the "ReloadEvery" plugin (which I think would be the perfect combination)
2 - When clicking the "New Tab" (plus button) in a context of tabs, a new tab appears on other context. I mean, I have 5 tabs on the left panel, and 5 tabs on the right panel. A click on the "+" on the right panel makes a new tab appear onto the left panel. Nothing that can't be fixed by drag and dropping tabs, but is annoying anyway!

Let me know if those are fixed under Firefox 4. If so, I'll just migrate then. Thanks for the plugin, it really helped me a lot!